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 JOINT1 : 1974


OSU 1974 NW Africa Data

Mittelstaedt, E., Pillsbury R. D. and R. L. Smith. 1975. Flow patterns in the Northwest African upwelling area. Results of measurements along 21° 40' N during February - April 1974. JOINT-1. Deutshe hydrographische Zeitschrift, 28, 145-167.

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Halpern, D., Smith R. L. and E. Mittelstaedt. 1977. Cross-shelf circulation on the continental shelf off Northwest
Africa during upwelling. J. Mar. Res., 35(4):787-796.

Badan-Dangon, A., Brink, K. H. and R. L. Smith. 1986. On the dynamic structure of the midshelf water column off
Northwest Africa, Continental Shelf Research 5:629-644.

Data Reports:

Barton, E. D., M. R. Stevenson and W. E. Gilbert. 1975. CTD/STD Measurements off the NW African Coast Near Cabo Conveiro During JOINT-1, R/V Gilliss Cruise GS7401, Feb. 9 - Apr. 23, 1974. School of Oceanography, Oregon State University, Ref. 75-3.

Barton, E. D., R. D. Pillsbury and R. L. Smith. 1975. A Compendium of Physical Observations From Joint-1: Vertical Sections of Temperature, Salinity and Sigma-t from R/V Gilliss Data and Low-Pass Filtered Measurements of Wind and Currents. School of Oceanography, Oregon State University, Ref. 75-17.